Friday, January 1, 2016

     In the family department, it would be impossible to picture all the marvelous events that have occurred over the past three years. This picture shows two of our grands--Jamie on the right with his wife, Eve, serving as God parents for his sister, Courtney, on the left at the baptism of Ellie Gray Hankard in Boston. We were there and really enjoyed not only the family gathering, but the revisiting for Barbara of old haunts and for Bob recapturing our early American history on the ground and in person.
     We doubled the number of great grands  since we last wrote---it's up to 11 now, and the birth of twins to Dana and Eric Gray (Dick and Stasi's daughter) gave the numbers a boost.  Our oldest grandchild is now 32 and our youngest is 10. The ten and 12 years olds (Martha and Steve's) are now uncles. One really needs a roadmap to keep it all straight. But all of them bring us great joy and we give thanks constantly for their good health.
    A highlight of this year has been that son, Dick, and his wife, Stasi, have bought a darling little house just five blocks from us here in AZ. They come often all winter and have offered it to the whole family to use any time. This is a HUGE gift to us--more family time, lots of good cooking (not by me), and just the joy of having family close by--priceless.
    Dick's brewery is thriving ( and enjoying recognition throughout the midwest. Martha's business ( keeps her busy and always involved in something new (  Patti and Jeff continue to thrive with Jeff still working and Patti loving every minute of being a Grandma many times over and playing golf and tennis and more. They also have taken up world travel and are building their list of countries visited.  Debbie and Steve are almost retired (Steve working still in Syracuse but coming to Manistee as much as possible) and Debbie very happy being "home" with Makowski family and friends and her beloved Lake Bluff; Brooke continues to be happy as a Professor at Shoreline Community College in Seattle and traveling whenever and however she can.